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What we offer

The consolidated know-how acquired by Mariano’s in the design and implementation of interiors of author through the production of high quality curtains and upholstery, allow Mariano 1968 to position itself as a reference company for creating beautiful environments and sought to any use: villas, theaters, museums, hotels, studios, showrooms, homes and offices.
Practicality, quality and design: these are the imperatives to which Mariano 1968 abides. Every job is certified as required by the various regulations and the wide range of available products can satisfy every requirement of the client.


tappezzeriaThanks to the study of the ancient tapestry, the possibility to offer born today, as well as the most sophisticated artisanal competence in the realization of the tapestry itself, also a number of tissues of art that have made the history of Italian textile arts that from the early Renaissance period, have marked Italian production worldwide putting it at the top for quality, design and value.

Curtains for interior

tende da internoCreate exclusive environments with the utmost attention to detail; dress each house of the personality of those who live there; use light as a living element that is intertwined with the lightness of the fabrics in a marriage between sophistication and elegance: this is now heritage of Mariano 1968 that realizes the most beautiful houses in Italy using only the highest quality materials and the best design, worked with the skilful hand of the traditional Italian tailoring.

Solutions for the exterior

soluzioni per esternoMariano 1968 provides the best solutions for your gardens, terraces, balconies and any other open space. The answers to all your needs will be characterized by the same attention to detail and professionalism that distinguish all the work of Mariano 1968, allowing you to carry out even from the home the pleasure of a space suitable for those who experience it. By shells such as gazebos and awnings, to the best solutions for seating and the layout of outdoor spaces ready to be lived with the pleasure of comfort and functionality.

Home accessories

complementi di arredoEach environment is characterized by the attention to details. This is the reason why Mariano 1968 offers a wide range of furnishings designed and built to give that unique touch and sophisticated environment that distinguishes every furniture made from it. Elements of high craft and artistic value that, thanks to the preciousness of the materials used and the refined workmanship, are the pride of every furnishing project. Carpets, comforters, duvets, curtains holder, clips and more, all coordinated with the range of fabrics we have and that can be customized to design, color, size.

Museum installations

allestimenti musealiCraftsmanship, exclusivity, quality, research and development are the guidelines that Mariano 1968 follows to transfer its technical and stylistic know-how even at extremely special solutions, as the setting up of museum spaces. Showcases specifically designed to enclose the most precious finds that history gives us a legacy from the past, using the most current technologies for micro climate of caskets and ensuring the style and meticulous attention to detail in the construction of the interior in the right way to enhance the exclusivity of the finds.