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Our company

For almost half a century, with passion and commitment, family Mariano was dedicated to the care and development of internal of author.

Collecting and preserving the most ancient techniques of tapestry and tailoring, in the sign of family continuity and protection of heritage crafts, since 1968 the family Mariano is the link between past and future, between tradition and innovation, between art and technology in interior design.

Today Mariano 1968 is a leader in the field of interior design tailored, with unique craft skills in tapestry, sewing and packaging of curtains in the service of villas, theaters, museums, hotels, studios, showrooms, homes and offices.

The know-how craftsmanship and decades of experience allow Mariano 1968 the restoration of upholstered historians performed with the techniques of the ancient school of upholsterers and use of materials of the past, including exclusive fabrics art reproduced according to the designs original frames with Renaissance perfectly preserved and functional products for the timeless and highly prestigious.

Today Mariano 1968 is an Italian reality available to those who do not want compromises on quality, on authenticity, on history and to those that love the pleasure of living in harmony with their own space.

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